Ruth A. Spalter

Attorney at Law

Should I file for divorce or for legal separation?


What about maintenance and child support?


What about the children?


What is a Guardian Ad Litem?


What happens to my pension and other employment benefits?


I can provide answers to these and other pressing and important questions.  My family law practice emphasizes divorce, but also includes other related areas including:

* legal separation

* parentage (paternity)

* third party custody (non-parental custody)

* step parent adoption

* child support


26 years of family law practice has provided me with a wealth of experience that enables me to render top quality legal services and insight into family law and related matters concerning my clients.  I have been appointed by the Snohomish County Superior Court as a Guardian Ad Litem to make recommendations to the court about children's best interests. My current appointments by the Snohomish County Superior Court include Commissioner Pro Tem, Judge Pro Tem for ITA hearings and Arbitrator.


Contact my office for a confidential consultation regarding all family law matters.